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Historically, businesses in Hawai‘i that needed custom packaging have had limited options. Businesses could work around generic, prefabricated, existing packaging formats and use labels to suit them, or were forced to order large quantities to keep the unit costs manageable.

In either case, the packaging pieces are produced off island, and can have an extended lead time to get the final product in hand.

Our packaging solutions are in line with our commitment to providing products and services that fit today’s lifestyle requirements – a more sustainable, ecological and practical model – using our decades of experience with printing and finishing.

Businesses in Hawai‘i will now be able to work with a local manufacturer to get:

  • Folding carton packaging specifically engineered for your application.
  • Packaging that is printed and converted exclusively in Hawai‘i.
  • Customized and personalized packaging that allows the pieces to be integrated into:
    • Event Planning – e.g., personalized favor boxes with individual names and/or company names.
    • One-to-One Marketing Campaigns – e.g., packaging customized by location or season (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc.)
  • Flexibility to order on demand, alleviating the warehousing and cash flow burdens that come with having to order large quantities of inventory – a more business friendly approach.
  • FSC Certified packaging which ensures that the materials used are from responsibly managed forests.

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Packaging Details

Prototype/Mock-up Program

Our Computer Aided Design (CAD) system allows us to engineer structural designs specifically around your product and application needs. Digital dielines gives us the capability to produce samples, custom prototypes and color mock-ups on various substrates in a timely fashion.


Our print capabilities allow for full color and a multitude of UV varnishing and/or aqueous coating options. We also offer variable data printing for packaging, which opens a world of possibilities of incorporating packaging into your marketing strategies.

Die Cutting, Foil Stamping and Embossing

Our team of craftsmen have the experience to deliver intricate die cutting, foil stamping and embossing solutions to help create high impact, high quality packaging products.


Our high speed folding and gluing equipment delivers efficiency and precision for all finishing work. We offer both cold and hot glue capabilities to fit the requirements of your packaging.

Green Box Hawai‘i

Edward Enterprises participates in an initiative called Green Box Hawai‘i. This initiative can be used to communicate your organization’s commitment to supporting locally produced, environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging for your products.

Visit Green Box Hawaii for more information.