Re-investing for Our Future


Not only is each job is handcrafted using both the latest in technology and the finest materials, we also take the time to educate and train our customers, which contributes to their success and helps them to reach their long term business potential. We truly believe that it is our clients that provide us the opportunity to serve. Developing and maintaining good relationships are at the core of our values, and are what drive our decision making. EE provides a long term destination for customers looking for those companies that care about both traditional quality and solid values.


We are committed to a healthy printing community. We have improved the viability of our industry by providing support services like Bindery, Letterpress, and Packaging Conversion to other printers who do not have those capabilities. We take pride in the quality and integrity of each and every job that we help produce. We feel that Hawaii is a better place with a strong print community. This ultimately allows everyone to keep business in Hawai‘i.


Our motivation to provide a solid bottom line is for the long-term security of our family of employees. Our being an ESOP company means that our employees are also owners of the business. Our Employees, as a group, currently own more than three-quarters of the company’s shares. What better way to express our commitment to each employee and the family they support than through stock ownership of the company via our ESOP.

An example of our commitment to our employee owners is that since 9-11, Edward Enterprises has implemented a “no layoff” policy. We have made no effort to cut back on staff or hours, regardless of the economic conditions. In fact, we have increased our investment into new technologies and capabilities to ensure that we are able to support their long term needs.

The Triple Bottom Line: PeoplePlanet • Prosperity