Our Core Values

Normally, businesses focus on bottom line dollar profits, and decisions are made based on that financial basis. Here at Edward Enterprises, we take a much broader view. We’ve adopted the Triple Bottom Line – People, Planet, Prosperity – as our indicators for how business decisions are made.

This mindset is not new to us. We have been using this approach for years, and it is one of the reasons why we are viewed as the premier print communications company in the state by the local business community.

This mindset is the foundation of our core values – how we operate, make decisions and conduct ourselves. This is a reflection on what is truly important to us, shapes our culture and defines the character of who we are.

We think of it as having an obligation to balance the ecological, economical and social impacts of our actions to ensure the longevity of our company, our planet and our community.

Triple Bottom Line

We believe that our employees are our greatest asset and as such, we continue to invest in our people. More…

We are committed to sustainable practices in all facets of our business activities. More…

We achieve Prosperity in unique ways. We believe that our clients provide us the opportunity to serve. More…